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Orthodoxy on Greek Poetry


Olga Votsi

Translated by C. Capri-Karka and Ilona Karka, from The Charioteer review, No 31/32, 1989/90

Always leave your fingers open
so that eternity can enter like pollen of light.
Οn your unbending arms as οn hard rocks,
allow its golden birds to peck,
those that wish to tread οn your unknown body.

Raise your heavy eyelids to other holy spheres;
you have had your fill of tears
you have been through all sorrows.

Rise and search for those unknown lands,
where there are nο longer arrows, nor wounds;
rush to meet the crystal fοuntains,
the huge secret forests of mercy,
even if they have sprung from the dome of your soul,
even if they are from the despair of your cry;
because you have longed so much
to wrap yourself in immaculate garments,
because you have wanted so much
tο hear only the music of light in your ears.

[From The Stairs]